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G-13 is a potent indica strain that is worthy of the notoriety surrounding its history and lineage. Legends say that G-13 was conceived as a multi-organization project by the CIA, DEA, FBI and other government agencies to create the best, strongest strain known to man. These government bodies searched the world for the best strains, from the best breeders to use as test subjects. In the end, one single cut was stolen by an employee at the facility and released for everyone to enjoy. Regardless of whether or not these legends are true, G-13 will be sure to knock you out. This pure indica contains a higher than average THC content of 27%! The high of G-13 is described as cerebral and relaxing, which transitions smoothly into a deeply relaxing and sedating body high. The terpene profile of G-13 is very earthy and is defined by its heavy gas or piney diesel tones.

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